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01 febrero 2012

Valentino Rossi

Its conclusion is just as positive as Motorrad's. PS tester Robert Glück states in the January 2012 edition: "the performance of Bridgestone's new hypersport street tyre S20 in wet conditions is a tremendous show."

Glück came to this euphoric judgment after conducting extensive test drives on various types of wet road conditions at Bridgestone's test course in Japan. On the wet handling course, for example, he determined that the S20 is "far superior" to its competitors Dunlop Sportsmart and Pirelli Rosso II in respect to accuracy, handling, steering precision and behaviour in its threshold area. Glück was underway on the watered circular track at speeds of more than 60 km/h without feeling the least bit uncomfortable about the ride. He noted that the S20, with regards to lateral grip, "comes really close to an intermediate tyre".

The PS tester regrets that a dry test was not possible because of the continuous rainy conditions, but has a strong feeling that the Bridgestone S20 "will feel really good in dry conditions, too".

Summary of the article "Das kommt was grosses" from the journal PS in its 1/2012 edition.